MT Holsters

"Bare Bones II" Kydex IWB Gun Holster

  Hand crafted from .080 kydex and now with a 1.5" Injection Molded Clip, these holster are designed for a full concealment carry option for your EDC. Other belt sizes will have a Kydex Clip until they become available.

  They are securely tucked inside the waist band with a single dual tension clip that can be slipped over your belt or just the waistband of your pants. They also provide you the option to slide the rig over for a more comfortable sitting position or just remove the whole rig without having to remove any clothing for those places where guns are not welcome. With a dual retention screw design, adjustments can be made quickly and easily to your draw friction.


  When ordering, please specify your "Color, Cant, Model" choice in the order notes.


  * Current Model List:

Beretta - Vertec (M92), Nano

Browning Hi-Power

CZ - 75B

Glock - 17,19,20,21,22,23,26,27,30,31,32,33,36,42,43

Kahr - PM9

Ruger - LCP, LC9, SR9C

S&W Bodyguard w/laser, Bodyguard w/o laser (2014)

S&W Shield - .40, 9mm

S&W M&P - .45 (4"), .40 (4"), 9mm (4") .40C, 9C

Springfield XD - .40 (4"), 9mm (4")

Springfield XDS - .45 (3.3"), 9mm, .45 (4")

Springfield XDM - .45 (3.8")

Springfield 1911-A1 (FS)

Sig Sauer - P226R, P238, P239, P229


** If you don't see your model listed, Please contact us for availability and options**

Product Overview

We research and try to use only materials made in the USA but sometimes our hardware is from Canada. That’s it! Nothing overseas! Ever! We offer custom hand built holsters, magazine carriers and gear in an array of colors and styles that will fit your needs. We can mix and match any colors you’re looking for. From a straight forward solid color to a black carbon fiber front and hot pink back, almost anything. As a standard, the back will be black unless a different color is specified. All Carbon Fiber options come with a black back. Also all of our gear is built to last using .080 Kydex for its superior strength and light weight. Our belt loops and Kydex clips are made from very high strength .125 Kydex to withstand the toughest abuse you can put them through. So you can rest assured that what we build will last.. .

Custom orders are shipped within 1 week