MT Holsters


* All the gear on this page is Custom Built to your specifications. Color, Cant, Draw and Belt Loop size are all options that you can change to your style of carry. Just add your options to your Order Notes and we will build it.. .

Our holsters are designed with the magazine release buttons covered to prevent the accidental release of your magazine and therefore saving you an embarrassing conversation. They also grant you a full combat grip without any obstructions or any need to adjust your grip after your draw, while a high sweat shield helps to keep your weapon away from the oils or sweat from your body. All edges are high polished and the Kydex Click is free.. .

Product Overview

We research and try to use only materials made in the USA but sometimes our hardware is from Canada. That’s it! Nothing overseas! Ever! We offer custom hand built holsters, magazine carriers and gear in an array of colors and styles that will fit your needs. We can mix and match any colors you’re looking for. From a straight forward solid color to a black carbon fiber front and hot pink back, almost anything. As a standard, the back will be black unless a different color is specified. All Carbon Fiber options come with a black back. Also all of our gear is built to last using .080 Kydex for its superior strength and light weight. Our belt loops and Kydex clips are made from very high strength .125 Kydex to withstand the toughest abuse you can put them through. So you can rest assured that what we build will last.. .

Custom orders are shipped within 1 week